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Angkor Adventure Tour

There are so many natural beauties in and around Siem Reap and we are excited to show you all of the region’s gems and treasures! On this Angkor Adventure Tour, venture away from the core of Angkor and explore the wonders of the 10th century Bantey Srei temple, exquisite in its pink sandstone and aptly labeled the “Lady Temple”. Take a short trek amidst picturesque jungle to enjoy the marvel of Kbal Spean. the underwater sculptures and a waterfall guaranteed to cleanse your spirit. Sense the lightness and beauty of the Butterfly Centre, where you will enjoy countless varieties of butterflies, or visit the Land Mine museum. Then visit the ancient university Prah Khan and the nearby temples.

Tour Description
Tour Itinerary
  • Tour Activities:

    • Kbal Spean
    • Bantey Srei (The Lady Temple or the City of Women)
    • Palm village (where you can see how the local people making palm sugar)
    • Butterfly Center or Land Mine Museum
    • East Mebon temple
    • Ta Som temple
    • Neak Pean temple
    • Prah Khan temple


    Tour Cost:

    $80 U.S. for 2 people for 2 days, extra person $20 U.S. extra charge.

    2 people for 2 days (one night)


    Day One:

    • Sleep during Night One at our beautiful luxury homestay
    • Transportation by tuk tuk (car is available for $10 extra)
    • Night Market tour
    • English speaking tour guide
    • Cold water


    Day Two:

    • Transportation by tuk tuk (car is available for $10 extra)
    • Natural Sites full-day tour
    • English speaking tour guide
    • Cold water


    Tour Includes:

    • Transportation by tuk tuk (car is available for $20 extra)
    • Luxury accommodation for one night
    • English speaking tour guide
    • Cold water

    Tour Excludes:

    • Breakfast
    • Lunch
    • Temple pass / ticket
    • Travel insurance
    • Tips



    During the first day, you will arrive and will be taken on a Night Market walk before de-compressing at our 4-star Bed and Breakfast.

    After breakfast, ride about 90 minutes by tuk tuk or 45 minutes by car to reach Kbal Spean and hike 45 minutes through the forest to reach the “River of a Thousand Lingas” (11th to 13th century). The carved Lingas are symbols of fertility and attributes of the Hindu God Shiva. They were for two centuries chiselled into the rocky riverbed to ensure the water passing over them be charged with spiritual energy and fertilize the rice fields and lowland plains. This is one of the most striking proofs of the importance of water in Khmer civilisation. On the way back, ride through the scenic countryside to the Shiva temple of Bantey Srei, “the Citadel of Women” (late 10th century, by Rajendravarman). This unique small delicate pink sandstone temple is considered a true crown jewel of classical Khmer art, due to its very delicate carvings which cover almost its entire surface. (Approximately a 1-hour visit).

    Lunch at the local restaurant nearby.

     In the afternoon, visit Land Mine Museum or Butterfly Center, then stop at a palm village to see how the local people make palm sugar. Then continue to visit East Mebon temple, which was an island temple in the middle of a colossal baray (reservoir). and then visit Ta Som temple, Neak Pean temple, and Prah Khan temple built by king Jayaraman VII. This full-day tour of Siem Reap sites with your personal tour guide will make sure you get the most out of your day.



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